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- Ironing on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly/one off basis.

- Wash, dry & fold services (laundry services).

- Wash, dry & iron services.

- Dry services only, if for instance your tumble dryer broke unexpectedly after you washed your clothes already.

- Wash, dry and fold services for a vulnerable relative of yours

  •  All ironing and washing is performed in a clean and smoke/pet-free environment.

  •  The ironing/wash and dry service is ready within 48 hours from collection by us/drop off by you.

  •  The ironing is delivered either on hangers* or neatly folded depending on your own personal request and it is sorted by type/size/recipient. The washed and dried clothes are neatly folded in a bag for your convenience, ready to put away. You will appreciate our attention to detail and neatness once you try our service!

      NOTE: Please supply your own hangers if you prefer items hung. If hangers are not supplied, the clothes will be neatly folded instead. We do not supply hangers.



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